TVO Over-the-Air Transmission

Please be advised that power to the Paris transmitter will be reduced or shut down during scheduled maintenance work beginning on Thursday, July 11th.

Viewers may experience a loss of reception or lower-than-normal signal strength on TVO channel 28.1 over-the-air between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.The work is expected to be complete by Wednesday, July 17th.

If you experience a loss of reception during primetime, we would recommend rescanning with your digital TV or converter box.

For additional information, please e-mail We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Digital Over-the-Air Transmission

In 2011 analog over-the-air television reached the end of an era. The Canadian broadcasting industry made its official move from analog to digital over-the-air broadcasting on August 31, 2011. In a CRTC mandated transition, over-the-air television spectrum converted to digital in mandatory markets in Canada, and TVO converted 9 Ontario markets to digital in that transition:

  • Belleville Channel 26
  • Chatham Channel 33
  • Cloyne Channel 44
  • Kitchener Channel 28
  • London Channel 18
  • Ottawa Channel 24
  • Thunder Bay Channel 9
  • Toronto Channel 19
  • Windsor Channel 32

Analog Over-the-Air Transmission

TVO will be moving forward with a plan to decommission our analog OTA transmitters over the next 18 months.  We operate 100 analog low-powered relay television (LPRT) transmitters and 14 analog medium/high power transmitters that deliver the TVO signal over-the-air.

These analog transmitters serve an estimated 1% of Ontario households. More than 90% of Canadian households subscribe to cable or satellite, and online and mobile media consumption are growing fast.Given the very small number of analog OTA viewers, the current fiscal reality and TVO’s need to reduce its reliance on Government grants, we do not have the means to convert our analog transmitters to digital or to spend our limited resources on maintaining our ageing equipment.

Low-Powered Relay Television Transmitters (LPRT)

  • The LPRT sites were installed in the late 1980s with special one-time funding as part of the Television Extension in Northern Ontario (TENO) initiative.A decade later, Direct to Home (DTH) satellite subscription services came to market with the ability to provide a broad selection of television programming services to the North. As a result of the increased choice, more than half of the originally installed TVO LPRTs have already been removed or transferred to the community at the request of the community.

  • TVO has reached out to every community that still has an LPRT transmitter to inform the community of our plans and to make arrangements for TVO technicians to come and remove our equipment. We have extended the option to each community to transfer ownership of the local transmitter tower and satellite dish. Many communities that formerly had TVO LPRT transmitters now use the tower for local wireless services.

  • Decommissioning work of the 100 LPRT sites has begun, and it is anticipated that TVO will be able to decommission about 50 LPRT sites per year, completing the work by October 2013.

Medium/High Power Transmitters

On July 31, 2012 TVO will cease transmission at its 14 medium/high power sites, and then we will begin to decommission those sites. After July 31, 2012 over-the-air viewers in the following communities can receive TVO by subscribing to a local television service provider:

  • Bancroft Channel 42
  • Hawkesbury Channel 48
  • Huntsville Channel 13
  • Kenora Channel 44
  • Kingston Channel 38
  • North Bay Channel 6
  • Owen Sound Channel 12
  • Parry Sound Channel 42
  • Pembroke Channel 29
  • Penetanguishene Channel 51
  • Peterborough Channel 18
  • Sault Ste. Marie Channel 20
  • Sudbury Channel 19
  • Timmins Channel 7

If you live in one of these markets and have been relying on television from over the air signals, you may be able to continue to receive TVO courtesy of Shaw Direct by applying for their Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) program. For more information visit

If you have any additional questions about TVO over-the-air and how this may relate to your community, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Relations team at or 1-800-463-6886. We are ready to help.