Wednesday November 9, 2011

When Frank McInnis turned on TVO to watch the documentary, War in the Mind, he was expecting an informative expose on post-traumatic stress disorder in military personnel. He had no idea that it would hit him on such a deep, personal level.

War in the Mind is a TVO-commissioned documentary that deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how soldiers are coping with the long-term effects. PTSD affects up to an estimated 15% of soldiers leaving them clinically depressed, unable to cope with daily life and emotionally and socially isolated.

Having spent over 20 years in the Canadian Air Force, McInnis was familiar with life in the armed forces. McInnis knew is son was dealing with some issues after his tour in Afghanistan but had no idea that his son was in the documentary until he saw him interviewed on screen.

The documentary has had an emotional impact on not only McInnis, but everyone in his family. It has also resulted in a stronger, deepened relationship with his son.

“The program should have been shown right across the country so all Canadians can see what our troops face when they get home and the red tape delaying them from getting help,” said McInnis. “It was very hard to watch but I’m so proud of my son. Thanks again for showing this program.”

As part of its Rembrance Day programming, TVO will rebroadcast War in the Mind on Friday November 11 at 10pm, and Saturday November 12 and Sunday November 12 at 6pm.