Monday October 29, 2012

As TVO embarks on an inspirational new campaign, CEO Lisa de Wilde shares an open letter to Ontario’s future generation:

Smart kids now. Smart adults later. It’s more than a campaign. It’s a fundamental belief that you have dreams of what you’ll be when you grow up. And TVO can help you get there.  

I’ve achieved my dreams because a family and community nurtured me and provided access to education and resources that allowed me to flourish. For you, as you grow up in today’s digital age, TVO is privileged to be part of your community.

The smart adults in your life can’t presume to know where your dreams will take you. But we will be there to nourish those dreams, feed your curiosity, and provide you with safety in your pursuit. 

TVO exists for all Ontarians. Kids and adults alike. We believe in the power of media to engage, inform, and transform childhood dreams into reality. You are growing up in exceptional times, where a world of learning, imagination and opportunity surrounds you. TVO is proud to be a leader in digital learning and is privileged to play a role along your road to success. 

And later on, when you become the smart adult of your future, you will have achieved more than just the dreams that you imagined. You will have achieved ours too.

Yours truly,

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