Stephen King calls it “top flight drama”, Newsweek describes it as “the best TV show you’ve never seen", and the Globe and Mail hails it as “a worldwide phenomenon”. TVO is proud to present the international award-winning political drama series, Borgen.


Do you wish you could supercharge your brain? Are men and women’s brains wired differently? Does nature or nurture play a stronger role in shaping our personality? Find out the answers to these compelling questions and more during Mysteries of the Mind week on TVO.


Does the ocean need protected areas? Can the world’s largest tides deliver viable sustainable energy? Will space technology help us understand the Earth’s water? Join The Water Brothers in a brand new season as they continue to explore our planet’s water issues.


What medical and personal challenges face the med students and teachers at Hard Rock U this season? From a patient being struck by lightning to a fishing trip ending with a fisherman caught on the line, Hard Rock Medical deals with the realities of learning to practice medicine in Northern Ontario.


Dan Plexman was seriously injured in an industrial accident. He found solice in watching television where he rediscovered TVO and became a fan of documentaries. What followed is an inspiring story of determination, self expression and learning.

What mental image does the fabled North West Passage evoke for you? What are your preconceptions of the Arctic? What if the reality was quite different from what you believed?

TVO invites you to discover a world you have never seen before, because until now, it simply did not exist.


With unprecedented access to the courtroom, Eszter Hajdú’s Judgment in Hungary is a documentary about the two year trial of four Neo-Nazi men accused of killing six Roma people, including a five-year-old child.

What brought iconic African-American figures Martin Luther King, Jesse Owens and Joe Louis to Windsor, Ontario? The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth recalls a time when two border communities united to celebrate freedom.

Beginning with the invention of the daguerreotype in the 19th century, mug shots were used as a method of criminal identification. In the fascinating feature documentary Mugshot, discover the cultural significance of these photographs and find out why they have become highly sought-after in the world of art and entertainment.

What can we learn from the brutality of World War I? Through newly discovered footage captured by soldiers, the ground-breaking series Apocalypse: World War I offers new perspectives on the war that went on to shape the 20th century.