Be part of the studio audience as TVO On the Road travels to North Bay for a recording of The Agenda with Steve Paikin to examine first-hand how Northern Ontario is adapting to challenges with its economy. The Agenda will invite guests from the region to discuss efforts to innovate, diversify and grow Northern economies, and counteract declining populations and job losses.

Following the success of the living history series Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm and Wartime Farm, historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologist Peter Ginn are at it again. They’re turning back the clock to the year 1500 to recreate life as tenant farmers on a Sussex Monastery.

Bush-whacking in Borneo, combing Alberta’s badlands, detecting fakes and frauds. International secret agents? Not quite. This is the fascinating world of the Royal Ontario Museum featured in TVO’s new series Museum Diaries.


What makes us tick? Can we change our IQ? Can we reverse dementia? The brain remains much of a mystery. But what scientists are learning is remarkable and, in some cases, revolutionary. Join TVO as we go on a journey of discovery and unlock some of the mysteries of the mind.


Seven years after his tour as UN Force Commander during the Rwandan genocide, retired General Roméo Dallaire returns to Africa to better understand the social, cultural and political influences behind the recruitment of child soldiers. The award-winning Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children documents his remarkable journey.


The Water Brothers returns September 10 with a new season full of travel, adventure, and exploration of the most important water stories of our time.


Tom Thomson, David Altmejd, Emily Carr. Some of Canada's most cherished artists take centre stage with a series of documentaries that are sure to inspire.

A rampaging moose, a miner turned thief with an appetite for diamonds and a woman attempting to induce labour by riding an ATV. It’s just an average day for the medical students in TVO’s new drama series Hard Rock Medical.

TVO filmmaker Alan Zweig talks about the inspiration for his latest film and how TVO helped him get there.

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